Deep Breathing & Pain

I’m a sports therapist but also offer 1-1 Pilates classes in my clinic, a Pilates client of mine has been really suffering with their back and sees a chiropractor. When they walked down the stairs to my clinic. The way they were walking sounded odd. So I went to observe them. I actually thought ‘Christ, poor sod’. From there I asked numerous questions. What’s going on? How are you feeling? After a 10 minute conversation. And observing the pain on his face we embarked on our 1-1 session.

So thinking out of the box, I decided that we would do some stretching first. The first pose was a child’s pose in yoga. This was when i noticed how shallow their breathing was. I placed my hands on their back and instructed them to breathe where my hands were. Forcing them to breathe deeply and expand there lungs fully. What happened after 2-3 minutes of this, the pain started to decrease.

Breathing is an activity most of us don’t think about, we just breathe. But changing how we breathe can have such a positive affect on our wellness from, helping the body to relax, changing our emotional state, and helping to reduce stress.

Watching my daughter play cricket, what does she do before bowling a ball, takes a very deep breathe. This reduces the stress she’s feeling and helps her to concentrate on what she is about to do. It’s part of her routine to prepare and reduces the stress she is feeling in that moment.

Changing how we breathe can foster self healing powers in our bodies (before you think I’m going all off on a weird Yogi breathing tangent) there have been many pain science and diaphragm breathing papers written, that prove, breathing can help reduce pain in the body.

Deep breathing forces us to relax, causing the blood capillaries to expand and thus allowing more oxygen to travel to the locations where healing is required. Blood and oxygen heal the body.

Most of us, only use the upper third of our lungs to breathe during the day. Ever run or biked and thought I cant breathe !!!! This is because you are only using the top 1/3 of your lungs. When you are our next time. Focus on deep breathing and see how it effects your run and subsequently your brain.

Guess what ?

My client is off out for bike ride this afternoon pain free and now they will feel even better when they get back as they are doing something they love

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