Love You’re Feet

Let’s just think about what our feet have to go through in a every day life. From simply wriggling you’re toes to getting out of bed. Then add on to that, if you exercise the forces through you’re feet can be immense. Take running for example when the foot strikes the ground the force through the foot can be up too 3-4 times you’re body weight. This is a lot of pressure!

The foot is made up of 26 bones, 33 joints and more than 100 tendons and ligaments. The foot in relation to other parts of the body is relatively small, but completes a higher proportion of work.

The muscles that connect to the feet – Gastrocnemius (calf) Solelus ( this sits under the calf and is lower down and connects to the Achilles) and the Tibialis Anterior which sits at the front of the shins, to name a few, have major impact on how the foot performs during any activity. For example: Tight calves can impact on the performance of the extensors in the feet.

Most of us take care of the all the lower extremities, but don’t even think about our feet.

Last week we put together a basic routine on YouTube to love you’re feet.

Treatments available for the feet and calves, massage, ISATM tool and for the brave acupunture!

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