Why You Should Get A Deep Tissue Massage? By Julia Hartley

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It is no surprise that Elite sports people/teams have a regular deep tissue massage scheduled in their training regime, it helps to boosts their recovery after a tough race or hard session. A deep tissue massage should be uncomfortable but not cause increased pain they can help to decrease stress on your body and help you relax before an important race.

A deep tissue massage increases blood circulation to the muscle which helps to flush out the by products that occur after a tough session and delivers the muscle with oxygen rich blood. This reduces existing muscle soreness, improve range of motion and breaks up scar tissue than can restrict your muscles from functioning to their full capacity.

When to schedule your massage?

You should always book your massage after your days session (preferable an easy session planned for the following day) This helps your body recover and ensures you have the full benefits form the treatment. Massages during periods of heavy training are essential to help the body to recover from the demands of your training schedule, will keep you in optimum shape and prevent injuries

To increase the benefits of massage its important to be hydrated this will also aid recovery- so you can train harder and race faster.

Julia Hartley 07761582675

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